Saving the installation space
          The main body is very compact owing to the design which provides thorough installation space saving. In assition, installation space at the side of the main body which is required for models employing a slide-open lid, which is not necessary at SX autoclaves top-open lid. Even when several SX autoclave are nstalled side-by-side, the necessary installation space is minimized.

Cooling fan provided as a standard feature

          A rapid air-cooling function (vessel-cooling fan) permitting reduction of chamber cool down time is provided as a standard feature. This is most appropriate fr lowering the temperature rapidly on completion of the cycle. The time required for lower the temperature is much reduced by employment of the cooling fan in comparison with natural cooling.

Sterilizing course selection
          The optimal sterilizing course can be selected from among five courses, such as the liquid sterilizing course in addition to that for normal sterilization.

Model Name SX-300E SX-500E SX-700E
Operating temperature range Sterilizing 105~1350C (0.019~0.212MPa)
Heating 45~1040C(0~0.015MPa)
Warming 45~950C
Maximum operating pressure 0.263MPa 0.25MPa
Temperature Display Digital
Pressure gauge Display Analog
Display range 0~0.4MPa
Heat source 1.5KW electric heater 2.0KW electric heater 3.0KW electric heater
Safety devive
  • Blank heating prevention
  • Leakage breaker
  • Lid interlock
  • Over-heating prevention
  • Over-pressure prevention
  • Temperature sensor break detection
  • Safety valve
Protection type against electrical shock Class I equipment
Time Display Digital
Display range Sterilizing 1~99hours, 1~999min. (0:01~9:59, 10~99 changeable)
Warming  1~99 hours, 4hours (changeable)
Pressure chamber type PED Category
Chamber dimensions ø325x553mm  ø325x733mm  ø370x774mm
Chamber capacity Effective internal volume:36L,
internal volume:44L
Effective internal volume:50L
Internal volume:58L
Effective internal volume:69L
Internal volume :79L
Chamber material SUS304
Dimensions (mm) 410W,477D,790H(PRotruding:574D) 410W,477D,970H(Protruding:574D)  470W,528D,1003H(protruding:625D)
Weight 50kg 60kg 72kg
Rated voltage  230AC
Power input 7A 9A 13A
Required power supply Single-phase 230VAC (50/60Hz) 10A or more Single-phase 230VAC (50/60Hz) 15A or more Single-phase 230VAC (50/60Hz) 15A or more
Power consumption (calorific power) 1.5kW 2.0kW 3.0kW