Model JSON-050 JSON-100 JSON-150 JSON-250
Chamber Volume (capacity) 50L 96L 150L 250L
Temperature Heating Type Latural Convection
Range Ambient +100C~2500C
Accuracy  +1.00C at 1200C
Uniformity +2.00C at 1200C
Heat up time to 1200C 10min 12min 15min 20min
Heater 1.2.KW 1.5KW 2.0KW 2.5KW
Control Main controller Digital PID controller with timer and Auto-Tuning
Wait off Timer mm:ss/hh:mm/continuous selectable
Sensor Pt100ohm
Safety Device Temperature Hydraulic over temperature protection safety device
Electrical Electrical leakege beaker
Cut-off Switch Non-Contact type, heater and fan cut-off when door open
W*D*H mm 
Inner 400*300*400 400*400*600 500*600*500 600*600*700
Outer 765*450*660 765*550*860 865*650*860 965*650*955
Clearance 770*460*670 770*560*870 870*660*870 970*660*1005
Window W145*H290 W150*H360 W150*H410 W150*H450
Shelves Type Wire Shelves with chrome pleated
#of shelves ıncluded 2 2 2 3
Maximum # shelves 12 16 20 24
#of ventilation Damper 1 2 2 2
Power Consumption 5.5A 6.9A 9.5A 12A
Electrical Requirement  220VAC 50/60Hz or 120VAC 60Hz

General Labratory Application

    Max. 2500C, +1.00C accuracy, +2.00C uniformity. Digital PID controller enables 0.10C resolution. Equipped with wai-off timer, alarm, auto-tuning and in built temperature calibration function.

Modern Design

    Seamless round cornered edge of chamber prevents leakage and easy to clean.

Perfect Safety

    Durable non-contact type switch and relay cut-off heater to protect hot air rush to outside when door open.
    Dual over-temperature protection safety and electircal leakage breaker.