Two AI-580 single channel systems are integrated into one to make a W-Prep 2XY, which resulted in a compact size. Both channels can be used simultaneously, which increases the productivity as much or even more than using two independent systems, or two chemists can use each channels. 

-Yamazen’s innovative user-friendly application software is developed based on a true theory of chromatography, and the optimum method will be developed automatically. Eluting position of the target compound will be predicted and pointed at by a yellow arrow upon setting the run method. The eluting position of the target compound can be changed freely to increase the resolution and/or to shorten run time. 

-Chromatograms can be monitored over a broad OD (optical density) scale. There is no sample loss or peak saturation. 

-Slow gradient on 1-7% is performed accurately. 

-Real-time monitor of line pressure from the highly sensitive pressure meter guarantees safe sample run

-Dual channel & fast speed: double the power; boost the separation speed and efficiency 

-Smaller footprint & more space saving, two independent channels in one single system 

-4 different solvent systems (A/B, A/C, B/D, C/D) can be selected during run to change the solvent system for an increased run efficiency

-Modular & Open System: easy to maintain and service 

-Automatic method setup for the reversed phase chromatography as well as the normal phase chromatography

-2-Step Gradient method for multiple target compounds 

-Scale-up; Transfer method from one size column to another 

-Simple and easy change of the running parameters on the fly 

-Easy changeover of the collection modes; Time, Peak, and Peak & Slope, during run 

-Manual fraction collection mode

System Specifications
Pumping system,  Model No.580D  0-80ml/min, 1.0Mpa (145psi) 
Fixed wavelength UV detector, Model prepUV254W  254nm with flow cell 0.2mm light path length (std.), 0.1mm light path length (option)
Variable wavelength UV detector, Model prepUV-10VW  190-380nm with flow cell 0.2mm light path length (std.), 0.1mm light path length (option)
UV-VIS detector, Model prepUV/VIS-10VW  190-600nm with flow cell 0.2mm light path length (std.), 0.1mm light path length (option) 
Fraction collector, Model FR-260  X/Y driven parallel, double arms 
Floor space (W x D x H)  540mm W x 500mm D x 795mm H 
Certifications JIS and CE 
Options Solvent & waste monitor, External nozzle cleaning, Column air purge, TLC image reader, UV/RI parallel detection