User-friendly Software with Ample Functions and Capabilities 

Yamazen is the one and only company that has successfully transferred the method from TLC to column chromatography, automatically. Gradient Optimization has been thoroughly achieved by Automatic Method Setup where TLC Rf value and solvent mixture ratio are to be input, based on the Yamazen’s proprietary Rf Gradient Method, eluting the sample at 4-column-volume position for the most efficient chromatography. It minimizes solvent use and waste disposal, resulting in Green Flash Chromatography. Eluting position is fully controllable and the Gradient can be manipulated on the fly, depending on the characteristic of the sample Choose a column, and the optimum parameter for the column will be calculated and set automatically, based on the theory of chromatography. 

Inject Column (sample loading column) can eliminate sample loss and contamination when loading a sample. It eliminates the harmful effect caused by the highly polar solvent used to dissolve the tough-to-dissolve sample. Moreover, it will make sample bands narrower to achieve a higher resolution. The Green Flash Software provides the maximum sample load information for the selected column – automatic scale up & down. 

Powerful UV Detector: Wide detecting range of 0.02-10.24 AUFS. There is neither sample loss because of the high sensitivity detection nor peak saturation up to AU 6.0. Low Concentration (slow) Gradient: Gradient with the Polar solvent as slow as 0-3% over 30 minutes is possible over the entire range of the flow rate. Real time monitor of the line pressure ensures safe operation. When a sudden pressure surge occurs, pressure-moderating system (PMS) helps to continue the run. Automatic Method Setup for Reverse Phase Chromatography is also available. Optimized method gradient will be developed automatically with various solvents including Toluene. Parallel Detection of UV and RI or UV and ELSD or UV and Mass Spectrometer is possible.

Solvent Delivery Pump
Model No. No.700X-1CSC-150
Flow rate 1-150 ml/min
5-200 ml/min
15-300 ml/min
30-400 ml/min
Rated pressure 1.5MPa
No. of Solvent Mixed 2 (Choose from 4 solvents)
Dimensions 180Wx394Dx310H (mm)
Weight 11.8kg
Fixed Wavelength UV Detector
Model No. prepUV-254L
Light source Hg lamp
Wavelength Fixed at 254nm
Detector range 0.08-5.12 AUFS
Dimensions 180Wx394Dx135H (mm)
Weight 6kg

Variable Wavelength UV Detector
Model No. prepUV-10VHL (Single wavelength)
prepUV-20VHL (2-wavelength)
Light source D2 lamp
Wavelength 200-400nm
Detector range 0.02-10.24 AUFS
Dimensions 180Wx394Dx135H (mm)
Weight 4.5kg

Variable Wavelength UV Visible Detector
Model No. prepUV/VIS-10VHL (Single wavelength)
prepUV/VIS-20VHL (2-wavelength)
Light source D2 lamp and halogen lamp
Wavelength 200-800nm
Detector range 0.02-10.24 AUFS
Dimensions 180Wx394Dx135H (mm)
Weight 4.5kg
Fraction Collector
Model No. FR-360
No. of Rack 2
Driving mode X-Y driven
Fraction mode Time mode, Peak mode, Peak & Slope (Valley) mode
Input signal Purpose-built signal
Dimensions 320Wx480Dx520H (mm)
Weight 23kg

System Controller (built into Fraction Collector)
Input/Output Signal Pump, Detector, Fraction collector, PC serial interface

PC Specifications
OS Windows XP, 7 (32bit)
CPU Pentium III or Mobile Celeron with 500MHz or more or Atom D410 is recommend.
Memory 1GB or more
Monitor Recommended XGA or higher specifications
Hard Disk Space At least 150GB of availability memory
Input/Output Signal Serial RS232C D-sub 9 pin or USB