Important characteristics
Temperature range: room temperature plus 5 °C to 300 °C
APT.line™ preheating chamber technology
Controller with time-segment and real-time programming
2 chrome-plated racks
Fresh-air monitoring with audible and visual alarm and automatic deactivation of heating
Replaceable filter cartridge, Class F6
Class 2 independent adjustable temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual alarm
Computer interface: RS 422

Designation FDL115-230 V
Option model Standart
Order number 9010-0292
Performance Data Temperature 
Temperature range 10°C above ambient temperature to [°C] 300
Temperature variation at 150 °C 2.5
Temperature fluctuation 0.8
Heating up time to 150 °C [min] 20
Recovery time after 30 seconds dor open at 150 °C [min] 12
Air change data
Air circulation (approx.) [x/min] 20
Volumetric flow rate of exhaust air acc. to EN1539  at 50° C [ca.L/min] 400
Vacum Data  
 Highest permitted solvent quantitiy (at-T-180 °C, M-100 g/mol, U-40 g/m3, K=0,5( [g]  6.65
 Electrical data  
 Rated Voltage [V]  230
 Power frequency [Hz] 50/60
 Nominal power [kW]  2.9
 Phase (Nominal voltage)  1
 Interior volume [L]  115
 Net weight of the unit (empty) [kg]  90
 permitted load [kg]  60
 Load per raack [kg]  30
 Measures - internal dimensions  
 Width [mm]  600
 Height [mm]  435
 Depth net [mm]  435
 Measures - outerr dimensions  
 Width net [mm]  830
 Height net [mm]  805
 Depth net [mm]  685
 Wall clearance sidewise [mm]  100
 Wall clearance back [mm] 160 
 Environment-specific data  
Energy consumption at 150 °C  1200 Wh/h
 Sound-pressure level [dB(A)]  57
Number of shelves (standart/max.) 2/5