Model JSOF-100 JSOF-150 JSOF-250
Chamber Volume (Capacity) 96 L 150 L 250 L
Temperature Heating type Forced convection
Range Ambient + 100C~2500
Accuracy  +0.20C at 1200C
Uniformity  +1.00C at 1200C
Heat up time to 120 °C Within 15 minutes Wthin 20 minutes Within 25minutes
 Heater 1.5KW 1.7KW 2.5KW
 Control Main Controller Digital PID controller with timer and auto-tuning
Wait off Timer mm:ss/hh:mm/continuous Selectable
Sensor Pt100ohm
 Safety Device Temp. Hydraulic over temperature protection safety device
Electrical Electrical leakage breaker
Cut-Off Switch Non-contact type, Heater and fan cut-off when door open
Inner  400*400*600 500*500*600 600*600*700
Outer 790*550*860 890*650*860 990*750*955
Clearance 795*560*870 895*660*870 995*760*1005
Window W150*H360 W150*H410 W150*H450
Material Internal  Stainless stee 0.8 polished (SUS304)
External Steel 1T with Epoxy powder coating
Insulation Mineral wool 50mm/w woven Aluminum barrier
Door Gasket Temperature resistance foamed silicone rubber
Window Double layer tempered safety glass 5T
 Shelves Type  Wire shelves wiith chrome pleated
# of shelves ıncluded 2 2 3
Adjustable Heigh 25mm increment
Maximum # shelves 16 20 24
# of ventilation Damper  1 1 1
Power consumption  7.8A 8.7A 12.3A
Electrical Requirement   220VAC 50/60Hz oor 120VAC 60Hz
Net weight 56kg 63kg 72kg
Shipping w 66kg 73kg 82kg

Forced convection drying oven for fast drying and homogeneous heating throughout the chamber JSOF-Series Forced convection ovens utilize a motorized fan to force air across heating elements and into the chamber The fan allows for a more consistent distribution of air and is designed for applications in which good temperature uniformity or faster heat up drying time are needed.

Precision Temperature Control
Max. 250℃, ±0.2 ℃ accuracy, ±1.0℃ uniformity.
Precision digital PID controller/w 0.1℃ resolution.
Equipped with wait-off timer, alarm, auto-tuning and in-built temperature calibration function.

Superb Temperature Uniformity
Aero-dynamic design of air circulation from heating chamber located in side wall by horizontal air flow achieve superior temperature uniformity. I
ncoloy sheath heater surrounds blower to achieve fast and homogeneous heat dissipation throughout the chamber.

Modern Design
Solid bottom without electric parts prevents Contamination or malfunction by liquid or sample spill enhance durability and maintenance free.
Seamless round cornered edge of chamber is easy to clean and prevent leakage.

Double layer transparent Tempered Safety Glass Window.
Height adjustable shelves by 25mm increment

High Quality Insulation
High Quality mineral wool insulation with woven aluminum barrier without smell and less dust
High efficiency Air flow layer Insulation (AFLI) construction design to keep outer casing cool.

Perfect Safety
Durable non-contact type switch and relay cut-off motor and heater to protect hot air rush to outside when door open.
Dual over-temperature protection safety and electrical leakage breaker.