• Construction with one body of the stirring and heating independently and separately
  • Separate control function
  • Ideal for the process experiment of extraction, back flowing and distillation
  • Max. temperature 4500C
  • Maintain stirring speed accurately and uniformly by feedback control
  • Smooth start/stop function
  • Ceramic fiber with thermal resistance
  • Stainless steel top cover with corrosion-proff

  • Ideal for the experiment processes for repeated extraction, back flowing, distillation for the fields of foods, fiber, surroundings, petroleum, chemicals
  • Consist of magnetic stirrer and heating mantle on ne body, control temperature and stirring concurrently, control temperature and stirring independently
  • Maintain stirring speed accurately and uniformly by feedback control.
  • Smooth acceleration of stirring speed ensures noo spillage.
  • Inner mantle part of the heating lement consists of soft glass fiber, proteced from damage of the flask and excellent contact between the heating element and flask and heating effectiveness is excellent.
  • Ceramic fiber with strong thermal-resistance has excellent thermal insulation and double housing desgin maintains low temperature of the mantle surface for user's safety
  • ''Power On'' and ''Heater On'' and ''Stirrer On'' indicating lamp.
General Specifications.
  • Heating Element Temperature:Up to 4500C max
  • Temp. Controller: Electronic energy regulator
  • Speed Control: Feedback Control
  • Speed Display: Scale
  • Indicator Lamps: Green- ''Power On'' (Yellow-''Heater On'') White-''Stirrer On''
  • Thermal Insulation: Ceramic Fiber
  • Material :Powder coated metal case
  • Top Surface: Stainless steel
  • Support Rods:Ø12.7mm dia (standard)
  • Power Supply :220Vor 110V 50/60Hz
  • Temp. Display: Scale 
Model Capacity Watts Number of Positions DimensionsØxHeight(mm) Internal(height:mm) Weight(kg)
EAMS9502-03 250ml 150Wx3 3 520x280x150 60 9.2
EAMS9503-03 500ml 260Wx3 3 580x300x165 75 9.6
EAMS9504-03 1000ml 380Wx3 3 670x330x175 85 11.3
EAMS9502-06 250ml 150Wx6 6 1040x280x150 60 18
EAMS9503-06 500ml 260Wx6 6 1150x300x165 75 18.7
EAMS9504-06 1000ml 380Wx6 6 1340x330x175 85 21.8