• Combinatioon of two instruments, offering complementary techniques
  • High-range testing capability with Metalometer istrument
  • Fast, accurate results without PC
  • A wider range of parameters avaible within a single kit
  • Enhanced testing capability, reducing need for-on site dilutionfor faster results
  • An ideal tool far rapid, effective field screening or process validation
Technical Specifications
  • Operation: Analytical principles: Anodic& Cathodic stripping voltammetry; fixed wavelenght visible absorption
  • Paraneters Measured: Aluminium, Arseniz,Boron, Cadmium, Chromium(VI),Copper, Iron;Lead,Manganese,Mercury,Nickel&Zinck
  • Operating Temperature:Metalyser -200Cto +700C; Metalometer +50C to +400C
  • Data:Results Obtained minutes 
  • Metalyser İnternal memory:1000data sets with facility to enter sampl number, time and date , transfer via USB to PC
  • Metalometer  İnternal memory :16 data sets, time and data stamp, sample number, transfer via IS to PC 
  • User Interface:Metalyser:LCD full graphics backlit display:128x128pixels joystick cursor control, menu driven software
  • Metalometer:4 digitbacklit LCD, 4button rubber keypad
  • Power: Metalyse:Rechargeable battery providing in excess of 50 tests per charge alternative power supply via mains adaptor or vehicle cigarette lighter
  • Metalometer:4xuser replaceable AAA cells-alkaline
  • Approvals:Metalyser: Waterproof to IP67, CE conformity
  • Metalometer:Waterproof to IP68, CE conformity
  • Kit: Dimensions:Case 1487mm(L)x386mm(W)x229mm(D); net weight:9kg
  • Case2411mm(L) x 322mm(W)x168mm(D); net weight:4.5kg

Limit of Detection

Parameter . Lower Limit of Detection(ppb) WHO Guideline Value (ppb)
Aluminium Al 10 N/A
Arsenic (III) As(III) 5 <10
Arsenic (total) As(total) 10 <10
Boron B 100 <2400
Cadmium Cd 3 <3
Chromium Cr(VI) 20 <50
Copper Cu 5 <2000
Iron Fe 20 N/A
Lead Pb 5 <10
Manganese Mn 5 <100
Mercury Hg 5 <6
Nickel Ni 100 <70
Zinc Zn 5 <4000