LC 200 - 500 - 800 SERIES
LC 200 - 500 - 800 SERIES

  For LC-200 Next For LC-500 Next ForLC-800 Next
Pump Type Reclprocating triple plunger
Maksimum Dischange Pressure 20MPa
Flow Rate 10-200ml/min 30-500ml/min 40-800ml/min
Operation Panel   8.4inc LCD touch-sensitive screen
Pressure Display &
Program and display on LCD touch. sensitive screen
Repeat Injector Direct auto sample loading system (100µl to 99.9ml)
Sample Injection Amount 9.999ml(max.)
Sample Injection No. 99time (max)
Event Marker Injection, REcycle and colect
Recycle System With non-Diffusion function Recycling system(patent)
Auto Rerun Function Save previous operation and rerun up to 99times
Injectlon Overlap Function Time saving auto Injectior
Auto Cleanup Funciton Flow channel washing by program 
Column Reject Valve  Built-in
Leak Sensor Installed at pump, detectors and recycle valve
Detector space Inner body
Dimensions(mm) 585(w)x650(H)x730(D)
Power Supply 100V/200V/800VA
Weight Approx. 124kg Approx. 128kg

Fraction Collector (Standart Equipment)

Specially designed fraction collector for larger scale collection of LC-200Next/500Next/800Next is available.

  For LC-200Next For LC-500 Next  For  LC-800Next
Type FC-3320 FC-3350 FC-3380
Fraction Method Direct boltoling 
Maximum Fraction 15boltle 15boltles (or more with option)
Bottle Capacity 1.000ml 1.000m(or more with option)
Peak Mode Avaible Prepure-250
Arm Movement xy direction
Fractlon Mde Time program mode and slice mode
Dimensions(mm) 700(W)x350(H)x530(D) 700(W)x560(H)x570(D)
Power Supply 100V/200V/800VA
Weight Approx. 14kg Approx. 2